John Kaufeld


I enjoyed a great evening of gaming Saturday night with friends new and old as a couple of favorites hit the table.

We started the evening with Power Grid on the stock German map (included with the game). It was hard-fought throughout, and ended with me sharing first place in a rare true tie. My new friend Jay and I each had 14 powered cities (main victory condition), nine Elektros (first tie-breaker), and 14 cities in our grid (second tie-breaker). I claimed the moral victory because my plants could power 17 vs. 14, but my biggest success was correctly managing my position in the turn order without screwing up the late-game strategy or board position. For once, everything worked.

After a quick break, we hit the table again with run through the first edition of Railroad Tycoon from Eagle (now known as Railways of the World). It’s been a while since I played the game, and it showed. I got a slow start, amassed a bunch of shares, and ended up solidly in the middle of the pack at the finish. Still a really fun time. I love railroad games!

Thanks to Nate and Joellen for hosting, and to Harold, Don, Jay, Victor, and Nate for playing!! (I need more nights like this!)